Love their music and check out that camera work!


New Study Term!!

So . . with less than a week out until the a new study term kicks back in, I have been preparing myself for another year of study. And my last year of study (for now anyway!), as I will be completing the third year of my Bachelor in Arts!


The last few years have been  a wonderful experience, being surrounded with great classmates, tutors, and learning! I am anticipating another great semester of photography, being in the studio and working with talented people.

I have had a wonderful and refreshing study break, so I am feeling ready and raring to go! :p
(I will post some pics soon, that I have taken of the beautiful weather I have been enjoying! Check out my Instagram, I’ve popped a few up there already!).

I have been trying hard to publicise my photographs over the holidays, along with doing some freelancing, so keep an eye out for updates of the process as I create and adventure into new concepts and techniques!




Looking Ahead

Some words of wisdom from Canadian photographer Lisa Bettany as we venture into the year ahead.
Capture the photographs you love, don’t be pressures by the ‘popular’ styles of photography.
Be you, love your own work, lets it speak your story and present a piece of yourself through its viewing.Have fun with your camera, the world you’re photographing, and the adventures you’re living.


To read what Lisa had to say follow the link below.

New Year, New Opportunities

As we head into a new year with ideas of how we would like to revolutionise how we live, or with big plans for the months ahead it can be slightly daunting. However it is also filled with a new excitement, a new day equals new opportunities right?


As I head into a new year, and also my last year of my bachelors Degree, it is a little sad yet also extremely exciting, as the projects to follow will be so much better planned and larger (hopefully!) than those I have already experimented and completed. I hope at some point this year to intern with a magazine or news paper as a photographer, or collaborate in similar ways, the more experience I can gain the better!

I have recently been reading a lot of photographers perspectives, advice and insights they have learnt over the years, and some in this last year past, and it has given me a new excitement and passion to push myself further into the unknown and try new projects.

One of these posts was by the amazing Kevin D. Jordan talking about his photography resolutions and plans for the year ahead, I found it really inspiring as I too think about the next steps in the months ahead.

I thought I’d post it here for those who want a look and for me to also come back and read again. (the Link is below)

To see more from Kevin D. Jordan go have a look at his Facebook, Instagram or website!

Smoke in Photography!

Some beautiful examples of the use of smoke in portrait photography, by Aaron and Whitney Durall.

One of my new found loves is the amazing effects of powder (or smoke) in photography, as I have experienced with this past year.

I plan to use this technique again in the near future, as it adds another dimension almost to a photograph. It is so powerful and spontaneous, yet so expressive.


To read the article and to see some gorgeous photos follow the link below. 🙂


Photoshop Techniques

Here’s another great tutorial from PhLearn, a reminder of just how easy it is to use Photoshop the way you want.

PhLearn have taught me so much about Photoshop! Even when I already know how to do a particular technique in Photoshop, like in this video, it’s great just to refresh my memory and also see if they have a more effective way.

I often post a lot of tutorials here, this is because they often use techniques that I use often or are planning on using. This is the perfect, easy access place to store all this info for coming back later. Often these videos also have elements that inspire me to do a certain styled photo shoot, so I store them here to review in preparation!