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Nico. “Unknown.” Viewbook. Accessed May 29, 2017.


Lindsay Adler – Fashion Flair for Portrait and wedding photography


Lindsay Adler has been a professional fashion photographer for over 10 years (when title was published), working for multiple international magazines. For this publication, Adler teamed up with CENGAGE Learning to write about her experiences, and opinions of the fashion and portrait industry.

Adler begins by introducing the reader to her viewpoint of the Fashion Photographer’s world, then explains the methods and possibilities of this medium from her own experience.

According to Lindsay Adler, fashion photography allows the photographer the freedom to capture their vision and explore new avenues. As she states, ‘Fashion photography has no restrictions.’[1]

A fashion portrait has unlimited possibilities, cultivated by the photographer’s desire, limited only by the photographer’s creativity. Fashion photography enables the photographer the freedom to create an envisioned utopia. As in the example above, Adler turned the bizarre into a visual reality, purely for her own satisfaction and desire to create. This image contains many visual ques and symbols for the viewer to interpret, the cloudy backdrop, and rain, the pose and lighting to me suggest a moody almost sorrowful atmosphere, however, it is almost as if the model looking through this to the other side reaching to the viewer with her gaze. While Adler may consider this clever juxtaposition as an expression of the extremes a photograph, personally I feel this image contain a power the photographer may not of intended, yet still exists. Fashion photography is a genre with no limitations, giving birth to an expression through this medium is freeing.

The challenges are also discussed, the toughness of the industry and the difficulties that arise when working with the client. She goes on to mention the demands of those clients as they search for a “perfection” to be captured as their personal vision or fantasy of themselves, as opposed to reality.

The work I intend to produce uses similar concepts of a perfected representation or refined beauty, while keeping in touch with the idea/theme of reality. Fashion and portrait photography and creative planning will be my focus.
Adler speaks of the notion of creating a fantasy, however this is not something I intend to work with. Rather, only enhancing an already present beauty, with little use of Photoshop manipulation.
I want my photographs to illustrate the beauty of the garments worn, and the model, while using technical lighting and surroundings to complement the focal point of the image. Throughout this project, I intend to improve my technical knowledge of lighting and directing the model, along with finding the best way to plan and organise for a photoshoot.






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Adler, Lindsay Renee. “Introduction.” In Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography, xiiv. Boston, MA: Course Technology/Cengage Learning, 2012.


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Sculpted expression – aesthetica magazine

Sculpted Expressions – Viktor&Rolf. Aesthetica Magazine, Dec/Jan 2017, issue 74. Words by Regina Papaclimitzou.

Papachlimitzou, Regina, and Aesthetica Magazine. “Sculpted Expressions – Viktor&Rolf.” Aesthetica Magazine, December/January 2017.



Horsting and Snoren collaborate to use fashion as a means of creative expression.

Unique approach to design attracts.

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