I'm @claycookphoto an editorial photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Stay tuned for the final image! I believe to learn light, you must first understand the sun. Glance at shadows on the ground and lines on the wall. Artificial light is just a way of creating a sun. The important element is what you put between the sun and the subject. I, along with @officialfstoppers, have packaged every little detail such as this into one single, completely transparent tutorial on "Fashion and Editorial Portrait Photography." No secrets, just pure knowledge packed into 18 lessons, 12 hours of video content and a lifetime private mentorship. I can only hope this will push our industry to create cool art. If you're interested in learning more, be sure to click the link in my profile! —> @claycookphoto ———————————————————— #Profoto, #ProfotoUSA, #CelebrateLight #ProfotoTakeover

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