Mark Singerman – Behind the Scenes.

This video is a nice reminder that you can have a very simple setup and planning to get a great shot. No fancy locations, lighting, excessive over the top props etc are needed. Use what you have . . And natural lighting is amazing! Just get out and shoot!
Also you don’t need to take hours to get ‘the shot’.  Just think every photo through while you take it and reflect on the photo to see what works to either recreate or refine it!

And just shoot, shoot, shoot! Never stop shooting!

Video 1. Retrieved from:

Singerman, Mark. “BTS – Photo Shoot with Matt Rife in Hollywood, CA – Mark Singerman.” YouTube. August 24, 2016. Accessed April 17, 2017.

Video 2. Retrieved from:

Singerman, Mark. “Fun Shoot in Hollywood – Kayla Compton – Mark Singerman.” YouTube. October 14, 2016. Accessed April 17, 2017.

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