White Dress on Black

After a recent peer critique, they mentioned how they liked the black backdrop as it created strong contrasts, so I thought I would experiment how a white dress would look like on the black background.

I used a vintage wedding dress which I have slightly altered which I used in a project last year, which focuses on lighting, modelling and tonal contrasts.

The only issue is that the style of the dress and also the fact that it is obviously a wedding design clashes and could also add unwanted connotations to my recent work, which is focused on the beauty, and strength of the feminine.

A few things I have been finding frustrating throughout this project is the very small size the backdrop, which leaves very limited space for movement and as you can see all the images have the surrounding walls in the shot!

Another thing I have learnt the hard way is that when something looks perfectly delicate exposed on the camera LCD, when transferred onto a laptop or computer the lighting changes immensely, being underexposed, blurry and also patchy on the background, (however this is also caused by wrinkles and damage to the roll down backdrop!).

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