Spontaneous Thoughts

I was cutting and editing a figure into another image of a landscape to see how bad the lighting would clash, and accidentally selected the wrong layer and just copied in the outline of the model, which created quite a sudden surprise (for me since I was expecting to see a model in a flowing dress!) but also the over powering white against the landscape.

Above are the images I was working with, and below is the strange incident.


I am unsure why, but I quite like it and the effect got me thinking, why do I need a recognisable figure, this outline is enough for the viewer to understand that it is a female, wearing a rather feminine dream, and depending on the selected image, could certainly create a strong sense of movement and dance within the image.

I am unsure however of how this could communicate the strength of the individual, as it does not define as a particular person. (This could work as an overall statement of the feminine as I had originally thought of expressing, but through experimentation have moved away from, perhaps because not all females want to define themselves as this?).

Also as the features of the person are not representable could read as a loss of identity, or it could also read as being unknown, which strongly clashes with the concept of displaying strength!

Although I had thought this style of imagery could work, after reflection (my thoughts just flew out in this post sorry!), I don’t believe it will be effective for this project. It has however sparked ideas for future projects and possibilities for this method of a more ‘digital art’ take on editorial fashion photography.

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