Photography as Memory.

Susan Sontag in her essay Frames of Mine: Photography, Memory and Identity addresses ideas on photography encapsulating a moment of our past, holding and keeping it from fading from our memory, a keepsake for the future.

She states

“. . . (A) photograph translates the fleeting, raw materials of our subjective experience — light and time — into permanent, enduring objects that can be treasured and possessed. In this way, photographs seem to off a loop-hole by which we can freeze the passing of time and selectively retain and revisit those moments which we choose to hold dear.”

I find this appropriate in relation to my own ideas on th choice of subject matter set into my resin jewellery, using a photograph I have taken as a reference to a memory of a beautiful moment in nature, the sublime, as some might call it.

I always take my camera with me when exploring nature and take multiple photographs, which made finding images that successfully recollected a moment not too difficult, as they were already anchor points to the moment captured.


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