Testing Location

I have been considering doing an outdoor shoot, to add some interest into the dress photographs, rather than just having a plain backdrop. This got me thinking about good places for a shoot, and after spending some time at the Boulder Bank and with overcast conditions, this could potentially be a great place for a shoot. ( I have also seen the work of a local photographer achieve fantastic lighting in similar conditions, with a model dressed as a contemporary ballerina).

I took some photos today, not only because I love photographing landscapes as beautiful as this, but also to test lighting, and see if I could envision a model placed within the composition.

I know a lot of these photos aren’t applicable, since you can’t see the land in all the shots, bu they do show the fantastic cloud formations that can add to the drama and theatrics I am wanting to capture within the image, through the movement of the model.

I have also considered shooting at the beach, but the lighting and reflections created by the sand is not particularly what I am wanting, but the lighting in these images and the colour tone, will be complimentary and second to bright colour and actions in the foreground.

Photographs are my own as Rachael Anne Photography NZ.

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