Over the last 5 or so weeks I have been experimenting with resin, in combination with photography, to capture a moment in nature of importance to me, a memory of the beautiful world, and I not only see photography as a successful method, but also resin, to hold this frozen moment forever.

I have always had an immense pleasure in taking photos for this purpose, but finding how to work in resin, along with the ideas of setting something special is a style I can see myself developing further.

There is something about working with these materials that intrigues me, it is a very new method to me, but I cannot see myself putting it down!

I find the process quite relaxing, and rewarding, a break away from the business of life, but still an artistic way of creating.

I am actually quite presently surprised with the positive feedback (as mentioned prior), since I had hoped by the end of this project to have a successful body of work but I found that an idea develop and new ways of seeing art and jewellery come to life, along with others being interested in seeing what further works could evolve.

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