Jan Masny

I have recently been looking further into ballet since a lot of the essence of my photographs when I stripped it back all linked back to the expressions of ballet. A lot of my research is based on dance photography, but I did a quick search directly on ballet and came up with Jan Masny, who captured beautiful movement and delicate tones in her photographs.


Ballet and Fashion by Jan Masny .


Essence of a Humming Bird by Jan Masny .

Both images are from series with the same title as each, filled with movement, grace, drama, beauty, power and a hint of mystic.

The first image Ballet and Fashion caught my eye when searching for great imagery, prehaps due to the strong motion filled poses, that create the illusion that they are dancing before your eyes or that you just missed a movement.

Image two Essence of a Humming Bird to me is more visually appealing, there is a graceful not in the first, also how the artists uses the falling of the fabrics to create a sense of motion, the gesture of the flick of the hand and the facial expression all coincide beautifully together.



Image one retrieved from,

Masny, Jan. “Ballet and Fashion Photography.” http://weandthecolor.com. 2012. https://www.behance.net/gallery/14462869/Essence-of-a-Humming-Bird-by-Jan-Masny. Accessed September 5, 2016. http://weandthecolor.com/ballet-meets-fashion-photography-jan-masny/10569.

Image two retrieved from,

Masny, Jan. “Essence of the Humming Bird.” Behance. 2014. https://www.behance.net/gallery/. Accessed September 5, 2016. https://www.behance.net/gallery/14462869/Essence-of-a-Humming-Bird-by-Jan-Masny.

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