Finding the Sweet Spot in Your Lens

After a recent fashion shoot done with dark lighting conditions, I found that my photos I got back were not as sharp. However, I was just using the kit lens, which could have been the main cause, but after reading around, there could also be the choice of aperture level effecting the results.

This article be Photography Talk is about finding the Sweet Spot of your aperture range on your lens, which results in sharper crisper results. It also tells how to successfully find what this is for your own lens (as it varies between each lens type and sometimes brands), apparently it is usually 2 to 3 f/stops up from the maximum aperture, which changes when zoomed.

They say to use Aperture priority, however I think it best to stick to Manuel, however for a quick way to test which aperture is best suited to the lens . . . well there’s nothing wrong with that is there!

(There is another article I shall add to this post later since it is bookmarked on another device)

To read the whole text follow this link.



Info retrieved from,

Photography Talk. “Get Sharper Photos by Finding the Sweet Spot of Your Lens.” PhotographyTalk. Last modified 2016.


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