Experimentation with Lighting & Poses

I felt the urge to experiment with lighting in the studio, I also picked up a new ball dress at a second-hand store and just felt like taking some shots with how I had envisioned it to be modeled. I also did some quick sketches (below) along with some google searches to see what movements and poses worked well with particular lighting and dress lengths.

In these sketches I was really just brain storming poses etc as mentioned above, and possible ways of creating movement with the materials of the dress. On the right are notes from a past shoot of successful lighting, such as placement of lights in relation to the model.

These photographs were the result.
I am quite happy with the lighting and movement I achieved, however I will continue to experiment with refining this. Another thing I might try is shooting on location, as this could add to the photos along with giving more leeway with the backdrop, since some of these image I had to repair, with the dress flowing past the set background.

Shooting in an outdoor setting will allow me to use more fabric to ‘fly away’ and might if I choose the right day, provide a natural breeze, which is so much easier than trying to create it artificially.

Photographs are my own as Rachael Anne Photography NZ


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