Video Tutorials – Focusing on Lighting



Video 1 retrieved from,

Lanier, Jason. “Outdoor Flash Portrait Lighting for AMAZING Results, Zeiss Batis, Sony A7Rii by Jason Lanier.” YouTube. January 28, 2016. Accessed August 29, 2016.

Video 2 retrieved from,

Ortiz, Manny. “Natural Light Vs off Camera Flash Comparison Photoshoot Using Sony A7Rii Flashpoint Xplor.” YouTube. June 4, 2016. Accessed August 29, 2016.

Video 3 retrieved from,

Lanier, Jason. “AMAZING RESULTS Using Off Camera Flash, a Beauty Dish, and High Speed Sync by Jason Lanier.” YouTube. April 16, 2016. Accessed August 29, 2016.

Video 4 retrieved from,

Brehaut, Mike, James Moffatt, and Creative Photography Courses. “Bare Flash.” YouTube. September 11, 2015. Accessed August 29, 2016.


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