Pinterest Boards

I continually add to these Pinterest boards so I also go back in a review what I have posted to draw inspiration and ideas from.

The link above is to my Portrait Photography board, white also features technical lighting ideas, posing, camera and model angles, various facial expression, and other interesting  photography methods to turn a normal portrait into something new and creative.

The second link is to my Pinterest I created for my current studio project, adding anything that I found of interest (I also continue to add more!). I was unsure of what type of photography to do (although I knew I wanted to do use this medium) and so I started this board to give myself an idea of what I found I liked more. It features a lot of dance and powder photography, which I have experimented with recently, however I did create the board beforehand and watch tutorials to get an idea of how to successful shoot with these live (or in camera) effects.


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