Cindy Sherman

As mentioned in an earlier pos, Cindy Sherman is one artist who is influences my current project, with similar viewpoints and statements through her photography.

I am in the process of sourcing more research and thinkers behind my own photography, and looking at Sherman’s influences it is not surprising to find that her early work was inspired by pop culture artist Andy Warhol.

Many of Sherman’s works produced while still at college have close resemblance to that of Warhol’s, some to such a degree that once both have been viewed together, one can not unsee the likeness in the images.

(As Above) One particular work Untitled #108 (1982) virtually replicates Warhol’s preeminent Self-Portrait (1967–one of 11 versions in this historic series). The resemblance is so close that Sherman’s depiction might well be considered an homage to the artist who was “a big influence” on her.


For later reference and further reading,



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