Under Water Photography

While researching for images label as expressing girl power, I cam across the beautiful work of photographer Elena Kalis, who I had not heard of until now. She captures movement and beauty, fashion and femininity all under water!



Kalis manages to create effects resembling powder (as I am experimenting with), only using the force of the model diving to form multiple tiny air bubbles, which give her images a touch of the fantasy and an unreal beauty. Kalis’ photographs appear at first glance to be edited with effects added in for enhancement, however, all these beautiful elements are captured in camera.

The website that lead to finding Elena’s photography




Image 1 retrieved from,

Kalis, Elena. “underwater_elena_kalis60.jpg.” Unknown. Online/Portfolio. Accessed August 14, 2016. http://www.elenakalisphoto.com/.

Image 2 retrieved from,

Kalis, Elena. “underwater_dark04.jpg.” unknown. Online/Portfolio. Accessed August 14, 2016. http://www.elenakalisphoto.com/.

AoiroStudio. “Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis | Abduzeedo.” Design Inspiration | Abduzeedo. Last modified August 3, 2011. http://abduzeedo.com/underwater-photography-elena-kalis.

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