A Bit of Girl Power

For this projects concept research I have been looking further into Feminism, and the more information I come across the less appropriate it is for the current project I am creating and the theme I am trying to present.

An idea that keeps coming up when trying to explain my concept to others is the term girl power as I am not wanting to use feminism, since this is not really the right fit for this project.

Through this series of images I want to express empowerment, strength, beauty, fashion, power, independence, all similar to the past word brainstorm from a few weeks, and also are all terms used to define ‘girl power.’
Another element I want to incorporate is a sense of mystery, unknown, darkness, and emerging from ‘smoke’ or powder (darkness in terms of lighting, however this also aids in portraying a feel of mystery and fantasy).


This image from my first ‘official’ shoot for this project was really an experiment of how to get the movement correct with the material, but also powder and thanks to my wonderful model Lara, we were able to get some great images.

After the peer critique, most of the feedback mentioned terms as I have written in my brainstorms which is not only encouraging, but also showed that on some level what I was wanting to portray in the images just came out, without too much over thinking!


Image is my own, as Rachael Anne Photography NZ

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. “Girl Power.” In Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Unknown: MediaWiki, n.d. Accessed August 14, 2016. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girl_power.


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