Shoot Prep

Okay! So I’m quite excited for tomorrow, with a my first ‘planned’ photo shoot for project 2, with a lovely friend as the model. So I have managed to get some sheets of nice fabric, (for the flowing effects) to experiment the movement with before using powder, and also some cornflour. I did ask the sports guys on campus where they sourced their chalk powder but it seems they don’t even use it, so I might go ask around some gyms in town.
I didn’t have the time to do this by tomorrow, but these images won’t be the finals as I have another 3 months to get it right!
I also had a look around a few places in town for coloured powder sachet, these get added in small quantities to the white powder to give a hint of colour, this can also be done in post production, but this feels a little inauthentic for this project, as I am wanting to have as much effects in camera as possible.
I did get a little coloured glitter to add to the cornflour, (if we’re careful, as I wouldn’t want to get any in the models eyes or inhaled!), I will do a test first to see if it added any colour to it, but it might also catch some gentle light from the sync flash studio lights hopefully! I could also do two photos using glitter in one without the model if it turns out we can’t use it safely.

So hopefully the shoot tomorrow goes well and I can get some good pics, and the effects working well, and for sure you’ll be seeing some photos soon!


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