Authenticity in Media Arts

I have been thinking about the various kinds of theorists that would be relevant to my project as I am wanting to capture a sense of mystique, beauty, freedom (almost feminist), and theatrical arts, filled with effects, and various techniques to enhance the viewing.

Today I was writing a blog post and mentioned how I wanted to keep the image editing down to bare minimum, and this made me stop and consider the reasoning why I specifically wanted to, (as the time has nothing to do with it, as I enjoy editing and creating effects), and I believe it is due to how I have been reading and hearing various viewpoints on the authenticity of the techniques used in media related arts, and even reproducible painting, literature and even video arts.

I explored this in my end of semester essay in 2015 at level 5, and the debates and angles on the authenticity and originality in the arts sector and it is an intriguing and challenging topic, as my prefered genre of art making is photography, and this is an art form that can easily be reproduced, reprinted, and created into various art items, and comes under a lot of these questions, writing and thoughts around the questionably around the authenticity of the art.

Usually Authenticity and Originality go together in these writings, articles and essays, but for myself I am not concerned about the originality of my art, as I know I am not trying to appropriate others, and most of my ideas may come from being inspired by another style or artist, but the debate around ‘authenticity’ is what gets me thinking and questioning about my own art, so prehaps I might explore this some more throughout this project.

I personally feel that the less edits and effects given to a photograph, (unless it is ‘digital art’ or graphic design, but this is a topic for a whole new post, as it is a different category) and more done in camera, then the more likely it will be classed as ‘authentic’. In think it is a good indicator of the talent of the photographer, so I aim want to do as little post production as possible.

The link below talks more about the issues and viewpoints of the authenticity of art, from Walter Benjamin, who discusses this in a few pieces of writing, one being the essay I researched for the assignment of mine I mentioned prior.

Anyway, this post has been a little round in circles, I have just been typing as my thoughts have been rolling out!! (and it is also quite late!) so I will proof read tomorrow and make sure everything makes sense! (I will also add in some useful links).



Information retrieved from

Robinson, Andrew. “An A to Z of Theory | Walter Benjamin: Art, Aura and Authenticity.” CEASEFIRE, May/June 14, 2013. Accessed August 4, 2016.


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