For Later Research

A great blog I stumbled across about an amazing resin jewellery artist Rheana Bijl. I will write further information tomorrow but I thought I’d post the link for easy access.


This amazing piece is created by setting tiny element from the workings of a watch into the clear resin, this technique that I can not wait to try!

This work in particular has more than visual appeal, with all the intricate details and various colouration of the elements, it also has semiotics embedded (literally!). As the small parts are from a watch, this work could be in relation to a memory, time, certain circumstance associated with the pieces, colours, and the item they were originally taken from. Some of these are specific to the creator of the bangles, some are a part of the piece we can all associate with, such as time and memory.

The pieces are obviously taken from an item that was reliant of them for everyday function, this could symbolize, brokenness, investigation and discovery into the workings (we have all taken apart a watch in our lifetime right?), recreation, newness (if replaced by newer cogs etc.).

The colours and textures are also to be considered, that create rustic, antique, or vintage feel, (who knows these pieces could be anything from 50 years to 2 days old!) and the small elements show attention to detail, care, and thought have been poured into the work that these tiny workings are a part of.




Image retrieved from

Bijl, Rheana. “Steampunk eco-resin bangles.” 2015. Accessed August 2, 2016.


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