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Over the last week I have been thinking about the kinds of jewellery I want to produce, considering materials, form, structure, style, colour, era, long with what type/style/field I am most interested in and want to experiment in.

After looking around at the work other artists have created using perspex as their medium, I am most interested in creating pendents for necklaces and prehaps also for earrings, to create a set consisting of a necklace and earrings. I would be interested in experimenting with creating the actual chain, rather than purchasing this myself, but this depends on the available time and difficulty, as learning how to correctly create a chain may take up too much attention away from forming and experimenting with the pieces my whole focus is on!

While researching I found some amazing work created by Jessica Sherriff, an artist how sells on Etsy

Sherriff creates jewellery out of acrylic resin, which is a slightly different material to perspex, it is a lot closer to glass, being not as toxic, (more pretty!) and also harder to set, but looks great when it does, as artists often use resin for pendents to set patterns, text and various other delicate decoration or markings. She uses advanced methods of making the jewellery, ranging from necklaces and pendents, to bangles, earring, and so on, all the while creating each item by hand.

She says about creating her work,

” . . . I hand print each item so no two are the same. I print onto the inner surface of the bangle, then add a matt finish and highly polish the sides. This adds a mirror like surface to the inner edge within the bangle creating a unique effect. The outer image becomes a little blurred making it very soft. The 2nd image seen through the side is very sharp and crisp . . . ”

This piece of information is extremely helpful to me when considering possible designs and methods to create my own jewellery, even though I am using a slightly different material, I can still experiment using various techniques, which this work has inspired me to further my imagination as to what is achievable with this material.

To find out more about Jessica Sherriff and her work, go check out her Etsy page



Sherriff, Jessica. “Lucite Bangle, Red Tree Branches, Medium Cuff.” Accessed July 26, 2016.

Sherriff, Jessica. “Pendant Pale Pink, Round with Black Optical text pattern.” Accessed July 26, 2016.


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