Getting the Idea

Okay, in my last post I mentioned how I have started to create a new brief for the first project in Object Design and go in to more detail! So here it comes! After the group ‘field trip’ around some of the more light related shop around town, focusing on the forms and material in relation to the surroundings I felt unsure as to whether to create a light also as I had seen some fantastic examples of design. After this we went back to the studio one of the technicians showed us around the workshop (I nearly didn’t go since I have already used it before, but I went along anyway, and as it turned out I found an idea and inspiration!).

As it turned out I ended up finding out to use the sand blaster, and learning how to bend perspex by melting it, dying, curving it, and various tools and ways to work with this particular material. As these discussions were happening, I started having a few ideas on what I would like to create for this project!

I have already been considering creating something jewellery related, but looking around at the materials available, and the machinery gave me the idea of using perspex as my sole material, forming it into jewellery pieces. So I plan to use recycled materials, perspex, organic materials, and metal; (for things such as the necklace chain for the pendants etc.) I will upload some initial sketches within the next few days, (as I have other courses going on also, I won’t get to do this immediately!).

The way that this idea came about was a very new way for me, as I usually look one for inspiration in the field that I think I will work in, but the ‘ah ha’ moment just popped into my head when viewing the materials, and it was very welcomed too! as the last two projects I have created have been very difficult to come to grip on what I want to create, along with the underlying concept.

So, after having a very short holiday, I had felt quick flat and not particularly inspired to create anything! But after looking around at various designs and material, and now coming up with a clearer idea of what I plan to spend 7 weeks creating, I actually feel really excited to try work with a new material in a more contemporary style than usual, in an area that I love but have recently rejected a little to develop other mediums.

So here’s to the next 7 weeks!


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