Object Design Day 1. 2016

After starting the day feeling totally unsure as to what brief I should follow for the next 7 weeks of this project, I feel I now have a little clarity, and will begin writing a proposal within the next few days.

Most of the rest of my classmates are currently researching in advance of creating a light source, such as floor lamps, wall lights, night lights, etc. I was unsure whether to create one or not, but leaning more towards not as I have just had a long project involving lighting for Light Nelson  (follow the link to see the giant plastic wave titled Synthetic Nature, created by me and two friends of mine, Chelsea and Bethan).

Anyway, so as a class we went around a few places looking at designs of various lighting fixtures, and to get some inspiration I went along to get some inspiration. Here is some of the images I took just on my smartphone!

Even though I was still deliberating at this point whether to create a light, being able to have a time of no pressure and just being able to admire the work of other designers, along with considering their various choices of materials, design, forms, style, and relating these back to the surroundings. Some of the location element comes down to correct choices of shop designers, but the most part comes down to the clear styles the lights clearly are focused on.

Another important thing to remember when designing is the messages we see around us and are fed daily, our post modern conditioning if you will, the styles we associate with certain periods and locations might be considered differently by another culture, so when creating for the wider market or client it is important to remember the stance and specific viewpoints they might have rather than your own preferences, because in this situation it is not yourself you are creating for!

Anyway! All that said, this helped me be open minded in regards to forming the brief, by considering materials I would like to work with, the market I would like to aim at, what style or theme this might be, and ultimately what I would have the passion and drive to spend the next 7 weeks working on!

I will post about what I have chosen tomorrow, at this stage it is only the first day of these long (but it will go so fast!) 7 weeks so the outline will still be very loose, but I do have an idea of the materials, and what forms or objects I shell be creating! Of cause I could tell you now but I want to go a little indepth as to how the ideas came into my head, as this is a bit of a learning process in itself!

Photographs are my own.



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