Stunning Portraits

Another artist that I have discovered while researching is Swiss photographer Oliver Oettli. He creates stunning fashion ‘editorial’ portraits using pastel powder, lighten in the studio as it floats and falls around the model. I find these photographs so inspiring, and I can’t wait to try experiment with this! I love the gentle and surreal effects these images have, it is such a unique style something new that I would love to work with. However this does not seem to be an overly popular style in English-speaking countries with a lot of European artists and photographers using powder to enhance their images. I guess this is true with a lot of art, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it has been difficult to find websites written in English!


These two images are by Oliver Oettli, from his Punderzucker images. I love the beautiful colour and how they are full of sugary colours with models emerging or surrounded by clouds of pastel powder like creatures from a fairy tale. It also creates a dreamy, wonderland feel, filled with mystery. This is achieved through the visual language created by the effects, colours and lighting methods.

For more stunning work by Oettli visit his website


Images Copy Right Oliver Oettli.
Retrieved from Oettli, Oliver. “Punderzucker.” 2015. Online – Accessed July 19, 2016.



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