From the beginning of the year I have been planning on doing a photography based project in the second semester, as I have nearly half a year to focus and refine it! I know that I would like to develop my studio photography with a more in-depth experimentation of studio lighting, involving fashion and portraiture, but I am still unsure as to what exactly this will evolve into!

One of the ways that get my brain storming (hehe!) is searching on the internet for various photography styles including people, fashion, beautiful lighting and unique creativity. I find Pinterest  a great advantage when searching for inspiration and have yet again found it a useful resource.

Soooo…. I have been thinking about what I love to do with photography, what kind of styles I love but have never tried before. I entered descriptive words into Pinterest and created a new board titled Studio 2 and pinned anything that court my attention, and I have come up with a board full of editorial fashion photography, with often cold lighting, fashion gowns, and ‘wind’ blowing the layers of the gown and also sometime the hair. This has inspired me to give it a go, so I will start researching ways to create a strong contrast with the powder against the lighting, and hopefully also trying lots of experimentation!


Derrick Senior is an artist I have come across who creates stunning studio photos using powder against light with a fast shutter speed to capture the free fall of the small pieces.

This image here is titled Ballerine de Farine taken using 3 high-speed flash units.

Follow the link to see one of my favourites by Senior called Silent Grace

I love how this style of imagery are real yet look more surreal, I might try experiment with the concept of surrealism, or almost the super-real, using photo-realism as the context.



Senior, Derrick. “Ballerine de Farine.” 2015. Accessed July 19, 2016.


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