First Experiments

2nd Week and already experimenting with perspex! These pieces are were to test out which jewellery saws to use, possible ways to create patterning, heating, polishing, cutting, and also unique ways to create ‘composition’ or designs.

I will elaborate more hopefully tonight, but I am needing to do more research for another project! ūüôā

Photographs are my own.


Lightroom vs Photoshop

Okay, so I thought I would try to gain a little more knowledge of Lightroom so I can at least use it for basics, so I took two images, plus the original (so you can see what actually changed!), and edited one in Lightroom and one in Photoshop, trying to get achieve similar effects in each image!

Because I am more familiar to Photoshop this took much quicker than in Lightroom, especially because I had to stop at one point to research how the ‘saving’ of images works in this program, I got my answer here from Adobe‘s blog site.

(I have not cropped any of these images they were purely for testing lighting, and editing).
The image on the left is edited in Lightroom, middle is Photoshop and last is the original.

There is something I like about the Lightroom edit, as I really like the cold filter adjustments, and also the slight vignette that it has created. The contrast shows up the folds nicely, and even though it does appear slightly over-edited, I actually quite like it.

Image number two done in Photoshop, which was edited first, at the time looked to be edging on being over-edited, but up against the first image does not, but when you compare the edits to the original one can see just how much has been added.

There is something amazing about how the feel of the images has dramatically changed after changing the colour tones from ‘warm’ to ‘cold’, it also interests me to see how I now few these images, with just a change to lighting, such as a gold reflector or silver, it adds a new reading to the image and is something to explore further when planning to manipulate the audience viewing the work in a particular way.


Photographs are my own, as Rachael Anne Photography NZ.

Info on Lightroom

A great article on learning the shoetcuts and best tips for Lightroom, haven’t had time to watch the video yet, but now it’s here for later!

After researching other photographers and reading about their practice and preferences, Adobe Lightroom gets a mention almost every time. I have recently been pushing myself to go further, learn everything I can and get all the practice I can in every spare moment. I have been shooting in Camera Raw for the last while, and this has dramatically improved my photography, and many people have said that using Lightroom will also improve photography skills, so I am trying to take in as much as I can and hopefully use it for my current project, rather than Photoshop. So here goes!

PS. Just realized I didn’t upload that image that I mentioned I edited in Lightroom yesterday, so hopefully I’ll get time tomorrow! I can’t at the moment since I’m posting on another device!

Here’s the link for the article:

Material Research

I found this interesting article by Andrew Werby of Juxtamorph – United Artworks titled Difference Between Polyester, Acrylics and Epoxy Resins obviously about the variants of these materials. I believe I will be working with Polyester Resin or Perspex, starting my experimentation tomorrow, along with conforming which of the three types I have, (as this is extremely important not only for safety reasons, but also for how to manipulate it).

Unfortunately according to this article the Polyester is not as clear (which is a huge shame! since  some of my ideas I am wanting the resin to resemble glass) nor is it as flexible as Acrylic, as acrylic can be repetitively reheated to form,  however on a plus side it is not nearly as toxic.

Another thing to take into consideration is that some of the information here seems to only refer to creating these resins from scratch, in liquid form, so set acrylic and so on may not have many safety issues, except of cause when heated, as it vaporizes.

To read the full article click this link or the title above.



Werbly, Andrew. “Difference Between Polyester, Acrylic, and Epoxy Resins ¬Ľ Juxtamorph ¬Ľ United Artworks.” Juxtamorph ¬Ľ United Artworks. Last modified 2016.

Research . . .

Over the last week I have been thinking about the kinds of jewellery I want to produce, considering materials, form, structure, style, colour, era, long with what type/style/field I am most interested in and want to experiment in.

After looking around at the work other artists have created using perspex as their medium, I am most interested in creating pendents for necklaces and prehaps also for earrings, to create a set consisting of a necklace and earrings. I would be interested in experimenting with creating the actual chain, rather than purchasing this myself, but this depends on the available time and difficulty, as learning how to correctly create a chain may take up too much attention away from forming and experimenting with the pieces my whole focus is on!

While researching I found some amazing work created by Jessica Sherriff, an artist how sells on Etsy

Sherriff creates jewellery out of acrylic resin, which is a slightly different material to perspex, it is a lot closer to glass, being not as toxic, (more pretty!) and also harder to set, but looks great when it does, as artists often use resin for pendents to set patterns, text and various other delicate decoration or markings. She uses advanced methods of making the jewellery, ranging from necklaces and pendents, to bangles, earring, and so on, all the while creating each item by hand.

She says about creating her work,

” . . . I hand print each item so no two are the same. I print onto the inner surface of the bangle, then add a matt finish and highly polish the sides. This adds a mirror like surface to the inner edge within the bangle creating a unique effect. The outer image becomes a little blurred making it very soft. The 2nd image seen through the side is very sharp and crisp . . . ”

This piece of information is extremely helpful to me when considering possible designs and methods to create my own jewellery, even though I am using a slightly different material, I can still experiment using various techniques, which this work has inspired me to further my imagination as to what is achievable with this material.

To find out more about Jessica Sherriff and her work, go check out her Etsy page



Sherriff, Jessica. “Lucite Bangle, Red Tree Branches, Medium Cuff.” Accessed July¬†26,¬†2016.

Sherriff, Jessica. “Pendant Pale Pink, Round with Black Optical text pattern.” Accessed July¬†26,¬†2016.

Word Brainstorm

I often find it helpful to create a list of words that relate to the current project, or the imagery i want to create when brainstorming, below is a list of the ideas so far . . .




Hyper realistic, (involving or characterized by particularly realistic graphic representation distorting or exaggerating reality).











Colour Explosion, (explosion – ; a violent expansion or bursting with noise or substance)















Ps. that’s plenty for now!



Definitions retrieved Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers. (accessed: July 25, 2016).



In the last photography project I did recently I incorporated a lot effects into the imagery using Photoshop layering, however in this project I am wanting to experiment doing more ‘in camera’ effects, such as using powder, paints, dyes, surrounding the model, covering the model etc, and then getting them to move around, with a fast shutter speed, creating fascinating effects with powder and colour flying around.

I have been drawing inspiration from a lot of other photographers so far, one of my all time favourites Annie Leibovitz, Derrick Senior and also Oliver Oettli, as mentioned in a prior post.

Last week I felt a little lost in terms of related theorists, but after considering relevant topics,such as hidden meaning, and semiotics, I am leaning towards experimenting with super-real, hyper realistic, mystery, beauty, darkness, colour explosion. (bit of a word brainstorm there!).


I have been looking around the web for inspiration for creating effects, I am wanting to create photography that looks as if it were done using filter effects in Photoshop, such as the shatter or brush tools, like the image above, but all in camera.

A website I found to have some more interesting effects using similar ideas such as floating colour, which can be achieved in camera using material, also the use of delicate lighting techniques.


Image 1 Retrieved

Aradia. “High Definition Loose Powder with a Light Brush.” Art if Bridal Beauty by Aradia. 2012. Accessed July¬†25,¬†2016.

Image 2 (blog post) Retrieved

Selenda, and Dark Paradise. “” 2016. Accessed July¬†25,¬†2016.


Getting the Idea

Okay, in my last post I mentioned how I have started to create a new brief for the first project in Object Design and go in to more detail! So here it comes! After the group ‘field trip’ around some of the more light related shop around town, focusing on the forms and material in relation to the surroundings I felt unsure as to whether to create a light also as I had seen some fantastic examples of design. After this we went back to the studio one of the technicians showed us around the workshop (I nearly didn’t go since I have already used it before, but I went along anyway, and as it turned out I found an idea and inspiration!).

As it turned out I ended up finding out to use the sand blaster, and learning how to bend perspex by melting it, dying, curving it, and various tools and ways to work with this particular material. As these discussions were happening, I started having a few ideas on what I would like to create for this project!

I have already been considering creating something jewellery related, but looking around at the materials available, and the machinery gave me the idea of using perspex as my sole material, forming it into jewellery pieces. So I plan to use recycled materials, perspex, organic materials, and metal; (for things such as the necklace chain for the pendants etc.) I will upload some initial sketches within the next few days, (as I have other courses going on also, I won’t get to do this immediately!).

The way that this idea came about was a very new way for me, as I usually look one for inspiration in the field that I think I will work in, but the ‘ah ha’ moment just popped into my head when viewing the materials, and it was very welcomed too! as the last two projects I have created have been very difficult to come to grip on what I want to create, along with the underlying concept.

So, after having a very short holiday, I had felt quick flat and not particularly inspired to create anything! But after looking around at various designs and material, and now coming up with a clearer idea of what I plan to spend 7 weeks creating, I actually feel really excited to try work with a new material in a more contemporary style than usual, in an area that I love but have recently rejected a little to develop other mediums.

So here’s to the next 7 weeks!