Quote for today…

“Originality implies being bold enough to go beyond the accepted norms”         Anthony Storr


Learning layer! (in photoshop)

Throughout project one I have learned SO many new techniques in Photoshop, and refined some that I already new the basics of,  especially a lot about how layers work, with layer masking, opacity, arrangement, cropping, enlarging. I have learned so much like how to fill images by taking the silhouette of one and placing another into it. There is a lot more than this, some are just little tips I picked up and found helpful, others are more major, like these layer techniques. (To my tutors) I have listed throughout my Digital Log the main points I have learned and used in my project) pictured are some of the layers I have used to create my final images.

‘Our Identity’

When researching for artist and theorists covering the topic of Identity for Project One, I found this Theses ‘ Constructing Identity Identity Construction  ‘ Susan Jean Dowling wrote for her Masters of Arts at Georgia State University in 2011 extremely interesting. Dowling talks about our identity as individuals, how it evolves,  what the common courses are that create identity, different ways of showing that identity as people, but as artists.

Especially in the 1st and 3rd chapter she makes a lot of comments that directly relate to what I am expressing and making statements about with my series titled ‘Identity‘. (images of the final works are further down the page)

context=art_design_thesesDowling, Susan J. “Constructing Identity Identity Construction.” Master’s thesis, Georgia State University, 2011. http://scholarworks.gsu.edu/art_design_theses/88/ (direct link to PDF of the theses) http://scholarworks.gsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1089&context=art_design_theses.

Studio Project One: Final Presentation

These are the images I have chosen to present to be marked. It is quite a relief to get these finished, because  along the way it has been a bit of a struggle. This is because I wasn’t expressing what I wanted to say about our identity and the uniqueness of it through these images. However, I feel like these are a good presentation of myself, what I enjoy and my personality.

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